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The sixth international exercise ”Baltic Fox–06" in Telsiai


An international staff exercise ”Baltic Fox-06" is held in Telsiai on October 23-27 with Lithuania's National Defence Volunteer Force (NDVF), Latvia's ”Zemessardze", and Estonia's ”Kaitseliit" as participants. 

A total of 50 troops take part in the exercise: 30 from the 3rd Special Team of Zemaiciu district, NDVF (Klaipeda), nine Estonian soldiers, and seven from the Volunteer Force of Latvia. The exercise is headed by Major Dainius Janenas. 

”Baltic Fox-06" is a rebuff operations-oriented international exercise. According to the exercise legend, the troops of the Baltic States are intended to rehearse the joint attack-rebuff scenario. Purpose of the exercise is to enhance the interoperability and the decision-making process among the staff officers of the Baltic States Volunteer Forces along with training and estimating the of the multinational battalion staff operating capabilities during a rebuff operation.  

The international ”Baltic Fox-06" staff exercise is held annually in one of the Participating Baltic States under the trilateral NDVF, ”Zemessardze", and ”Kaitseliit" cooperation agreement. The training session hosted by Lithuania this year is the sixth, the first ”Baltic Fox-06" was staged in Latvia in 2001. 

Spokesperson for the 3rd Special Team of Zemaiciu district Gr. Vilma Kojeliene, Phone No. 846 496 132.

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