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U.S. demonstrates steadfast commitment to Lithuania's security by deploying Patriot long-range air defence system


On July 10 the United States of America is for the first deploying Patriot long-range missile system in Lithuania. The deployment demonstrates the steadfast U.S. commitment to the security of Lithuania and its high readiness to send strategic capabilities to the region.


The Patriot will be operating in one pool with Lithuanian and other NATO allies’ air defence systems during Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2017, multinational ground based air defence units exercise for the first time held in Lithuania.


The exercise will train interoperability among NATO ground based air defence units and refine airspace command and control procedures. The exercise aims at enhancing regional and international integration of joint units thus training and strengthening preparedness for a potential NATO collective defence scenario.


Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2017 begins in July 11 to run until July 22 in Šiauliai district. The event will involve roughly 500 soldiers and 30 air defence systems of Lithuania and four more NATO allies – the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Latvia, and Poland.


Tobruq Legacy 2017 will be conducted concurrently in Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Romania under the command of Romania-based Joint Force Air Component Command (NATO JFAC) that will include members of the Lithuanian Air Force. Lithuanian units will also train night air defence operations control at the portion of the exercise in the Czech Republic.


National Exercise Vigilant Falcon 2017 in Lithuania will be an integral part of Tobruq Legacy 2017. The exercise will enhance interoperability and command and control procedures among units of the Lithuanian Air Force.


The host of Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2017 is the United States of America. This is the third time the Lithuanian Air Force is among the participants. In 2015 soldiers of the Lithuanian Air Force were for the first time training NATO air defence operations in a platoon-sized unit in the Czech Republic, in a battery-sized unit in Slovakia – in 2016, and this year representatives of the Lithuanian Air Force will practice joint actions with NATO allies and providing command to a ground based Air Defence Battalion-level unit.


For the Media


On July 20 Distinguished Visitors and Media Day of Exercise Tobruq Legacy 2017 will be held. Media representatives willing to attend the event are invited to register until July 18, 11.00 a.m. by e-mail at: [email protected] Please indicate your full name, media outlet, and contacts (cell phone no., e-mail address) in the e-mail letter. Only registered and accredited media representatives will be given the information on the program for the media, venue and arrival time.


Foreign media representatives and freelance journalists have to get accreditation from the Strategic Communication and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of National Defence to take part in the event. Contacts: [email protected] You will need to fill out a form, and attach a copy of a personal ID document, and for freelancers – a note from a media outlet.


Only accredited and registered media representatives will be able to attend the event.


POC: PAO for the Lithuanian Air Force HQ 1st Lt Audrius Ašmontas, 00370 614 35697.


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