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Traditional Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Contest “Lithuanian Armed Forces in Photography 2018” is opened

The Ministry of National Defence opens the traditional, already 14th Tadas Dambrauskas Photography Contest “Lithuanian Armed Forces in Photography 2018”, in memory of combat photographer and cameraman Tadas Dambrauskas.


All professional and amateur photographers who had the chance to take photographs of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and NATO soldiers in Lithuania are invited to look through the pictures taken this year and in the end of last year, choose the best ones, and submit them for the contest. The pictures have to reflect military life: completion of combat tasks, soldiers during exercises and feasts, community engagement events, facing daily challenges and experiences, etc.



Like in the previous years, submitted photographs will be assessed in four categories:


Category I – photographs submitted by military and civilian personnel serving and working at the National Defence System;

Category II – photographs submitted by the rest of contestants, professional and amateur, not employed by and not serving at the National Defence System;

Category III – photographs submitted by professional photographers of the National Defence System to win “The Most Professional Shot” prize;

Category IV – photographs submitted by anyone to win the “Entertaining Shot” prize.


The contest jury will select winners of each category who will split (as defined in Terms and Conditions of the Contest) the 4,200 Euros the Ministry of National Defence has allotted for the Contest this year. Different sponsors also established more prizes for contest participants.


Exposition of the best photographs will be opened and best photographers awarded in Vilnius by the end of 2018. Also, a catalogue of best pictures will be published this year too.


Photograph submission will run until September 20 via e-mail at [email protected]


Information about contest Terms and Conditions, registration and submission can be found here.


Participant Application form


About Tadas Dambrauskas


The contest is named after combat photographer and camera Tadas Dambrauskas in tribute of his memory and achievements. Tadas Dambrauskas started working with the National Defence Department in 1990 and soon was appointed as instructor-supervisor of Vilnius Task Force. Later he was a staff photographer with Karys magazine and cameraman with the Ministry of National Defence and the Iron Wolf Brigade. He was amassing a unique archive of photographs and video material while recording the evolution of the Lithuanian Armed Forces from “green-bands” of the Liberation Movement to a modern armed force. T. Dambrauskas did not shy away from risk and unexpected choices in his work, ready to break any ice for a good shot. He was the first and only one to shoot paratroopers while tied to an aircraft wing, he would keep going to difficult marches together with the military, he recorded Lithuania’s first international deployments to the Balkan Region and Afghanistan.



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