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Secure data transfer network to be developed


On December 20 Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania approved creation of a model vital institutions data transfer network which would be independent from public communication networks and suitable for using during a crisis or war.


“A secure state data transfer network is one of the core elements of national security in cyberspace. Once we have implemented it, Lithuania’s cybersecurity and defence during peacetime or crisis will be stronger,” Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza says.


The model state-controlled data network and standardised services it would provide for vital institutions would be created on the basis of the existing infrastructure of state networks. Two state data transfer centres are planned to be installed in Lithuania and a reserve one – at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.


“At the moment the most important servers, registries and data of state institutions are distributed among nearly 100 data centres. The new model will change the present duplication of physical infrastructure and service procurement, which will allow us to use the public funds for cyber security more efficiently,” Vice Minister E. Kerza says.


The secure network will connect only those institutions of Lithuania whose functions cover emergencies, natural disasters, mobilisation, war, and other critical cases, and whose activity and data security are required for the functioning of state in case of a crisis.


The network will be obligatory to a concrete list of institutions matching the criteria defined by the Government, while such institutions as schools, kindergartens, park authorities, state forest enterprises, etc., would by the services directly on the market.


According to the Law on Management of State Information Resources of Lithuania, a secure state data transfer network has to be administered by a budgetary institution which would also manage the network.


Administration of such a network is not a typical service to seek on the market because the security of the network is provided by using classified measures, as well as intelligence or information provided by our allies.


Development of the secure data transfer network is the last phase of the cyber security capabilities consolidation reform initiated by the Committee on National Security and Defence of the Seimas and the Ministry of National Defence in 2017. It also implements decisions of the National Security Commission of the Government and provisions of the National Cyber Security Strategy concerning enhancement of Lithuania’s cyber resilience.


Related image, credit: Sgt Spc Ieva Budzeikaitė

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