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Allied troops for the exercises will be able to arrive to Lithuania faster and smoother


From now on, the Allied troops during military exercises or other military cooperation events to Lithuania will arrive faster and easier - for example, instead of the usual entry through the border checkpoints they will be able to land from air or debark from sea. This is provided for in the amendments provided for by the Government in the Special Procedure for the State Border Crossing of Lithuanian state, which establishes more places for the movement of Allied troops across the state border.


Until now Lithuanian state boarder could be crossed by land roads, airports or sea ports.


"Military mobility insurance is among the key NATO and the European Union's defence and security strengthening priorities, and the ability to smoothly, efficiently and rapidly move troops and equipment to the other region of the Alliance or even outside, it is necessary condition to respond rapidly to the crisis", - says Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis. According to him, while implementing the objectives of military operations, landing of military forces from the air or debark from sea is one of the most effective defence and deterrence means ensuring rapid and effective resistance at a very limited period of time. Therefore, this would make conditions for faster and smoother arrival of Allies into Lithuania during an exercise or conflict.


Until now Lithuanian state boarder could be crossed by land roads, airports or sea ports.


The legal regulation which existed before did not meet the needs of state security, not only in the context of military training or exercises. For example, in case of tense situation, when martial law not (yet) announced, however, in order to urgently concentrate more Allied forces in the territory of Lithuania contingent arriving from Schengen states had no formal obstacles to land or debark while the non-Schengen countries’ arriving forces had no possibility to act according the foreseen scenario.


Existing legal regulation was changed urgently also because Lithuania will participate in the multinational exercise "Saber Strike 2018" on 3-15 June with the scenario of the Allied forces (including the US) landing and debarkation of the sea in the territory of Lithuania.


The special procedure for the crossing of Lithuanian state borders regulates the procedures for crossing the border of Lithuania, where, in accordance with the procedure established by the law, it is permitted to go to multinational operations, exercises and other military co-operation events held in the territories of other states or multinational operations, multinational military exercises and other military co-operation events held in the Republic of Lithuania, and applied to military units of the Republic of Lithuania, servicemen and civilians of the National Defence System and military units of other states.


Photo by Alfredas Pliadis

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