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Lithuania takes part in a joint EU project for European maritime security


On March 28 the European Defence Fund (EDF) signed the first contract in the project for strengthening European maritime surveillance and interdiction. Unmanned platforms (surface, underwater, air) will be used to that end.


“Open Partnership for Better European Maritime Awareness” project (Ocean 2020) the Lithuanian Navy and the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology takes part in will be implemented by a consortium of 42 partners from 15 European states.


Ocean 2020 is the first project to unite military research of the whole Europe to strengthen Mediterranean and Baltic maritime security. Timely and accurate information as well as actual maritime picture is vital for the success of diverse operations. Therefore we have to find the most up to date and efficient methods and technologies,” Commander of the Lithuanian Navy Captain (Navy) Arūnas Mockus said.


The consortium comprised of European Union countries’ armed forces, institutions of scientific research and innovations and private sector, is led by Leonard, an Italian company. In total, a grant of 35 million Euros is planned to be made from the EDF budget for the project. Lithuanian scientists and the Navy will cooperate with the most successful advanced technology and defence companies to hone usage of unmanned systems for improving European maritime security.


“Maritime surveillance and interdiction will be carried out with help of enhanced and virtual reality technologies. It is an untested and modern solution. We anticipate significantly improved operational conduct, opportunities of more efficient resource consumption, and real-time management of precise information and surveillance data,” Director of the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology Audrius Zujus says.


The Lithuanian Navy contributes a patrol ship with tactical mission management system that will have equipment of the project integrate for carrying out tests.


The part of the project in the Baltic Sea will focus on efficiency of unmanned systems (surface, submarine, air), obtaining recognised maritime picture and transfer of situational awareness information in real-time to the shore.


Demonstration in the Baltic Sea is expected to begin in 2020 under coordination of the Swedish Navy, while the demonstration in the Mediterranean will be coordinated by the Italian Navy.


The European Defence Fund was established in 2016: the European Commission presented the European Defence Action Plan laying out directions of activity in order to strengthen European defence and use resources more efficiently. One of such directions was establishment of the European Defence Fund in the framework of which full EU funding for joint defence research projects on priority areas agreed on by member states is given.




Lithuanian Navy – Lieutenant Commander Ramūnas Kažerskas, +370 698 18196, [email protected]


The Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology – Jurga Buzyte, +370 612 55337, [email protected]


Photo: LNS Žemaitis (P11) patrol ship of the Lithuanian Navy

Credit: Lithuanian Navy

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