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National Cyber Security Centre provides analysis of the recent cyber-incident in a news website


 On January 29 the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the Ministry of National Defence released primary analysis of the cyber-incident news website tv3.lt experienced. Chronology of the incident, conclusions and recommendations (in English).


News website tv3.lt was hacked and false information concerning Minister of National Defence published in the evening of January 18. Immediately after that, e-mail letters containing an attachment with a malicious code were sent from an address mimicking the hacked webiste to a target audience - representatives of Lithuanian state authorities and media organisations. The incident was prevented very swiftly through cooperation of NCSC and tv3.lt experts.


According to Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza, the latter cyber-attack served as a good drill for testing the progress achieved by the consolidated national cyber-security capabilities in cyber-incident management and investigation. “Consolidation of cyber-capabilities allowed us to be quicker and more efficient in managing incidents, also, in assisting those who may have been affected,” Vice Minister E.Kerza says.


The National Cyber Security Centre under the Ministry of National Defence is a united state institution for cyber-incident management, supervision and control of cyber-security requirement implementation, and accreditation. Consolidated as of the beginning of 2018, the NCSC provides assistance to both, state institutions and businesses and citizens as a “one stop shop”.


Photo credit: Sgt Spc Ieva Budzeikaitė (Lithuanian Armed Forces)

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