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Lithuanian Armed Forces to switch to a new combat uniform standard this year


This year the Lithuanian Armed Forces begin changing military uniform to the universal camouflage pattern. Military personnel is expected to be provided with uniforms of the new standard from the second quarter of 2018.


“Several factors conditioned the decision to revisit the marking of the uniform. Soldiers observed that the current green-scale uniform stands out against other backgrounds than forest, i.e., in urban areas. The new standard uniforms were given to pilot by special forces soldiers and the decision to gradually update the present uniform standard was made after their assessment,” acting Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command Lt Col Eimantas Juodzevičius said. According to the office, the pragmatism of the replacement lies with the fact that the same uniform would be suitable for different tasks, for example, both in Lithuania and in multinational deployments. It is an increasingly common practice among NATO and partner countries.


Soldiers of the Rapid Response Force will be the first to receive the new uniforms with professional military service soldiers, Military Academy cadets, National Defence Volunteer Force, and Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service soldiers to follow. The present standard is planned to be fully replaced within three years.


As the name of the universal camouflage pattern (UCP) says, the marking is suitable to operate during different seasons and in a variety of environments, it has been successfully tested in areas of multinational operations and in Lithuania. Tests also revealed that the pattern camouflages well not only in natural but also in urban environment.

The cut of the uniform will remain exactly the same as that of the present battledress but the material will have a significantly better resistance to wearing out.


Nearly a decade ago a work group developed the concept of the 21st century military uniform and equipment by the order of the Chief of Defence. One of its aspects was progressing to a single-pattern battledress. Description of the drawing design of the universal camouflage pattern made in 2013 and registered with the State Patent Bureau in 2014.


The price of the new uniform will be by roughly one tenth lower than that of the present uniform with woodland marking. It is also an economic decision because two patterns now used by the Lithuanian Armed Forces, green uniform and one more for multinational operations, will no longer be needed.


Footwear included into the current battledress is also planned to be changed into a different model and a shade better matching the new UCP.


The new universal camouflage pattern was patented four years ago and is only allowed to be used by soldiers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


Photo credits: Sgt Spc Ieva Budzeikaitė and Major Andrius Dilda


POC: Laimis Bratikas, Strategic Communication Department of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, +370 620 67 504.

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