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Lithuania highly appreciates Croatia’s contribution to strengthening deterrence in the region, Minister of National Defence R. Karoblis says


Photo gallery (visit to Rukla)


Video report (credit: Sgt Spc L.Tamošiūnas)


“We highly appreciate the lasting cooperation between Lithuania and Croatia. UNPROFOR in Croatia was Lithuania’s first international military deployment after the restoration of independence. For four years Lithuania soldiers had been serving together with Croatian troops in the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Ghor province, Afghanistan. Croatia understands the challenges and threats faced by our region, and it is illustrated perfectly by Croatia’s decision to join the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania,” R. Karoblis underscored Lithuania’s appreciation of Croatia’s contribution to enhanced deterrence in the region at a meeting with Croatian Minister of Defence and Vice Prime Minister of Croatia Damir Krstičević on a visit in Lithuania.


“Security threats in the Baltic states are not decreasing, therefore we need to ensure that NATO deterrence measures in the region are sustainable. It is particularly important as a sign of responsibility of the entire Alliance,” Croatia’s Defence Minister D. Krstičević said at the meeting when addressing enhancement of security in the Baltic region. He underscored that the roughly 190 Croatian soldiers were deployed as part of the NATO enhanced forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in Lithuania with a mission – to acquire new skills and demonstrate solidarity. Minister said that Lithuania had comprehensive Croatia’s support and that he was sure Lithuania would offer the same support to Croatia if needed. This was the first time the Croatian Armed Forces experienced movement of military vehicles and personnel of such scope but it met the challenge successfully. Minister of Defence of Croatia thanked Lithuania for the Host Nation Support and the excellent service and living conditions provided for the soldiers of his country in Lithuania.


“The cooperation between Lithuania and Croatia on defence is issues is good and we should pursue it further on,” Minister of National Defence R. Karoblis said when discussing the areas that Lithuania and Croatia could cooperate more actively in.


“Our cooperation will enter an even higher level after this meeting,” Defence Minister of Canada seconded his Lithuanian counterpart’s words and invited him to come for a formal visit to Croatia in 2018.


At a bilateral meeting both Ministers also addressed security situation in the Baltic region and Southeastern Asia, new European Union initiatives designed to strengthen the Common Security and Defence Policy. R. Karoblis thanked Croatia for the support and the resolve to join the project on cyber defence Lithuania had initiated in the framework of the Permanent Structured Cooperation.


After the visit to the Ministry of National Defence, the Croatian delegation, including Chief of Defence General Mirko Šundo, was escorted by Minister R.Karoblis and leadership of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to Rukla to meet with Croatian soldiers serving as part of the Germany-led NARO eFP Battalion Battle Group. . The Croatian Army Mechanised Infantry Company has been deployed in Lithuania since early December for deterrence and defence as part of the NATO eFP Battle Group. The company of roughly 190 troops brought Patria fighting vehicles and other equipment.


Croatian-Lithuanian defence cooperation


Defence cooperation between Lithuania and Croatia has been intensifying in the recent years and encompasses more formats and areas. Special forces troops of both countries have been training in joint exercises on a continual basis since 2009.


Both countries also maintain cooperation and share information in installing artillery systems PzH 2000 both in Lithuanian and Croatian Armed Forces. Lithuania procured ammunition for individual weapons.


In the period from 2011 to 2013 four Lithuanian Air Force helicopter crews trained in mountainous areas of Croatia to develop skills that are necessary for Lithuania to have relevant preparedness for international operations.


In summer earlier this year Croatian troops took part in the international exercise Iron Wolf 2017 in Lithuania.


Croatia expressed interest in getting more information on Lithuania’s experience in developing its tactical medical support unit, Role 2 LM. Expert-level meetings between Lithuania and Croatia have been scheduled for next year.


The two countries’ militaries are also connected by multinational deployments experience: in 1994–1996 approx. 90 Lithuanian soldiers obtained experience in the United Nations-led operation UNPROFOR in Croatia. In 2016-2010 Croatian military contributed to the NATO ISAF Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Ghor Province of Afghanistan.


Photo credits: Alfredas Pliadis (MoD)

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