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International training event to strengthen resilience of Ukraine's Energy Security is held in Kyiv


Advanced Training Course and Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2017 CORE2017 is being held in Kyiv during this week of 16-20 October. The international training event is aimed at supporting efforts of national authorities of Ukraine in building resilience through the improved emergency preparedness, prevention, ant threat response, as well as at strengthening their capability to protect Critical Energy Infrastructure.


The first two days of the event were dedicated to an academic course where Ukrainian and foreign experts had an opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge in main areas related to crisis management, including cyber security and crisis communications. During the "active phase" of the event or the table top Exercise on 18-19 of October, participants engage in facilitated discussions in order to validate existent crisis management policies, plans, procedures, processes that enable to prevent and respond to crises. CORE 17, which is led by the Energy Security Centre of Excellency and co-sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, involves participants from more than 20 institutions of Ukraine, as well as experts from the US Naval Postgraduate School, the NATO Representation to Ukraine/NIDC, the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellency, and others. The co-organizers and the host of the event in Ukraine are the National Institute of Strategic Studies and the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining. The CORE 17 is being organized as an education element of the NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package



Photo credit: Cpt Juozas Latvys


Source: NATO in Ukraine Facebook page

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