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Vice Minister of National Defence V. Umbrasas attended international symposium in Bucharest, discussed cooperation with State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Romania


On September 27-28 Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas visited Bucharest, Romania, and attended an international event - Global Special Operations Forces Symposium Europe Building Trust. The event focuses on Eastern European security and special operations forces cooperation matters.


On September 26, the day before the symposium, Vice minister of National Defence V. Umbrasas met with State Secretary and Chief of the Department for Defence Policy and Planning of the Ministry of Defence of Romania Mircea Dusa. The officials discussed the security situation on the eastern flank of the Alliance, Exercise Zapad 2017 and security threats from Russia, NATO forward presence in the region, national efforts to strengthen defence, assistance to Ukraine, and bilateral defence cooperation. Vice Minister V.Umbrasas invited Romania to join the military Schengen being formed by the European Union – swift movement of military equipment and personnel across country borders is very important to Lithuania. Supported by many member countries and important to both, the EU and NATO, the EU initiative encompasses simplified procedures and investment into infrastructure.


State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Romania informed of Romania’s decision to post a representative to the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Vilnius.


On September 27 Vice Minister V. Umbrasas took part in a session on the impact of hybrid warfare on the region. “Hybrid threats are not universal - they differ on the basis of region and country, therefore non-conventional solutions are needed to respond to them. To counter hybrid threats, we need non-traditional methods, region-wide solutions and to further develop regional EU and NATO mechanisms that would increase resilience and complement each other in case of hybrid warfare ,” V. Umbrasas said at the event.


The international symposium was also attended by Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Sir James Everard.


Photos: courtesy of the Ministry of Defence of Romania

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