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NATO allies and partner train in Exercise Ramstein Alloy in the Baltic airspace


On September 26-27 scheduled exercise of NATO’s air capabilities, Ramstein Alloy 6, is taking place in the Baltic airspace. The series serve to refine C2 of the airspace surveillance and control, air policing and other air capabilities in the Baltic region.


The exercise involves the U.S. air detachment currently conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states with F-15C Eagles operating from Šiauliai, and F-16s of the Belgian Air Force operating from Amari (Estonia). Estonian, German and Polish fighters will also train in the exercise, C-27J Spartan transport aircraft of the Lithuanian Air Force will simulate the communication loss scenario, while additional air control and command will be provided by the NATO Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) E-3A aircraft.


Overseen by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany, mission control will be provided by the AWACS and the Karmelava Control and Reporting Centre, Control and Reporting Post in Amari and elements of NATO‘s Recognized Air Picture Production Centre/Sensor Fusion Post (NATO DARS) currently deployed in Lielvarde, Latvia.


The exercise is organised by the NATO Allied Air Command in Ramstein and NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem.


The RAMSTEIN ALLOY exercise series began in 2016 as a sequel of the successful BALTIC REGION TRAINING EVENT (BRTE). It is held three times a year in each of the three Baltic States. As Baltic Air Policing and reinforcement detachments rotate on a four months term, the exercise series provides the opportunity to exercise with various Allies in each edition.


The training programme serves to enhance relations and interoperability in line with NATO standards amongst Air Forces of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other allies in the region, a well as to demonstrate Alliance solidarity with NATO partners and the Baltic allies.


Why is it called “Ramstein Alloy” ? It is organised by the NATO Allied Air Command in Ramstein. “Alloy” underlines the cooperation between NATO allies and partners.


POC: 1st Lt Audrius Ašmontas, PR Officer for the Lithuanian Air Force Commander Staff, 00370 614 35697, 00370-37 307 652, e-mail address: [email protected]


Photo from MoD archive (credit: Lt Arnas Glazauskas ) - April 2017, Ramstein Alloy 4 takes place in the Baltic airspace, mainly over Lithuania.

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