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U.S. Rotational Forces Starting Deployment in Lithuania


The U.S troops – a new company of the U.S. Army rotational forces – are deploying in Lithuania to carry out joint training together with troops from Lithuania and other allies. Their participation in joint training activities will contribute to the enhancement of interoperability and coherence.


On August 29 the troops of the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 1-91 CAV are travelling by general roads to the General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė from their home station in Germany. They are going to cross Poland and bring their armament and combat equipment: HUMVEEs, logistical trucks – approximately 30 pieces of equipment in total.


The deployment of the U.S. company in Lithuania is scheduled to continue up to the middle of October. During their rotation the U.S. troops will conduct situational training and live firing on their own as well as take part in joint exercises together with units of the Land Forces of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


At the beginning of October the U.S. troops are planning to participate in the international exercise “Hunter” along with antitank units of Lithuania and other NATO states.


The troops of the U.S Army have been rotating in Lithuania, other Baltic States and Poland since spring of 2014 as part of the U.S. Army Operation Atlantic Resolve. This operation demonstrates the commitment of the U.S. to NATO allies to ensure their security after Russian aggression in Ukraine.


The U.S also demonstrates the long-standing commitment and support to NATO efforts in the Baltic States by starting the lead of NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission from the beginning of September. This will be the fifth rotation of the U.S. Air Force performing the patrolling mission from the Air Base of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in Šiauliai designed to preserve the security of airspace along NATO’s eastern borders.


The U.S. commitment to ensure regional security, military presence and visibility in Lithuania as well as the whole region is one of the most important guarantees of Lithuania’s security and stability. The United States, both on a bilateral basis and acting in support of NATO efforts, extensively implements deterrence measures in the Baltic region and gives a lot of attention to the implementation of the U.S. military presence in Lithuania and the region.


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