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NATO Defence Ministers agreed to increase forces in Afghanistan


On June 29 NATO Ministers of Defence agreed to strengthen forces and increase troop levels in Afghanistan during the meeting in Brussels.


NATO has been conducting the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan since early 2015. The mission is designed to train the Afghan national security forces and encompasses non-combat tasks. The aim of the mission is to train, advise and assist the national security forces and authorities to ensure stability in the country.


“The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. The state is damaged from the inside and from the outside, unrest in the region and high level of corruption is preventing the reform. It all affects the region as a destabiliser that increases migration and threats of terrorism. It is particularly hard to ensure effective control and control of the security situation in such condition, therefore increase of NATO forces is vital,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said. According to him, NATO discussed the complex (deteriorating) security situation in Afghanistan and the challenges the Afghan security forces had to face in the fight with the threats of terrorism from, and NATO allies underscored the need for additional capabilities to continue the stabilisation of the security situation. NATO allies have already stepped up or are committed to step up their contributions to the Resolute Support Mission as the NATO training and assistance mission is conducted further.


Lithuania is also increasing its contribution as of this fall: 7 additional soldiers will be deployed to join the 21 already serving in the mission.


PR advisor to the Minister of National Defence Vita Ramanauskaitė, 00370 620 81 779


Photo credit: http://www.nato.int

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