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Military training operation of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine established


On June 27 the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania approved the draft of the Resolution of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on the Amendment to the Resolution of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania No. XII-2232 of 22 December 2015 regarding Deployment of Military Units of the Republic of Lithuania to Multinational Operations tabled by Minister of National Defence R.Karoblis and Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Linkevičius. It was decided to permit deployment of up to 60 civilian and military personnel of the National Defence System to a military training operation in Ukraine as of 1 July 2017 in order to provide training for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The present resolution allows the operation to be conducted until 31 December 2017, however, it is expected to be prolonged until the end of 2019 for which approval of the Seimas will be necessary.


“Since the beginning of the Russian aggression Lithuania has been supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and has been providing all possible and legally permissible assistance. The establishment of the operation means Lithuania will continue deploying soldiers to Ukraine for training purposes only but the military cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine will reach a new qualitative level, it will allow the Lithuanian Armed Forces to identify the need for and plan their activities more efficiently in coordination with Ukrainian colleagues,” Minister of National Defence R.Karoblis said.


The resolution does not provide the basis for Lithuanian soldiers’ engagement in combat or acting the territory of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The mandate of a military operation allows to protect the soldiers better, to do more efficient planning of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the National Defence System, facilitates the procedures of management and financing of the assistance, and diminished the differences in soldiers’ pay because to date soldiers were serving in the training and mentoring programmes in Ukraine as secondment posting .


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