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The Day of Lithuanian Armed Forces and Public Unity Day in Panevėžys attended by NATO force present in Lithuania


German Armed Forces battle tank Leopard 2, infantry fighting vehicles Marder, Dutch infantry fighting vehicle CV 90, armoured reconnaissance vehicle Fenek, flight of NATO Air Policing mission fighters F-16, the US soldiers in show operation – all that represented contribution to celebrations by NATO allies currently present in Lithuania to mark the Armed Forces and Public Unity on 20 in Panevežys, northern city of Lithuania.


„As the commander of the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group, it is an honour for me to show the good cooperation between the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the eFP Battle Group not just on military exercises but also with the Lithuanian citizens all over the country. I’m proud to be the commander of the enhanced Forward Battle Group Lithuania and with them being a part of the Iron Wolf Brigade. Labai ačiū! (Vielen Dank!) (Thank you very much!)”, Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Huber, the commander of NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania said.

A group of Rukla deployed NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group soldiers arrived to the festivity in Panevėžys, where they presented their mission, demonstrated equipment. In Saturday those who came to Cido Arena had the opportunity to communicate with them, to see their military equipment.


The robust, multinational and combat-ready units deployed in the three Baltic states and Poland is a significant contribution from NATO allies to the enhancement of security in the region.


The NATO enhanced forward presence battalion in Lithuania is led by framework nation Germany. In 2017-2018 the battalion will be manned by Germany, and contributing nations: Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, and France, in total, roughly 1,200 soldiers.


Festival participants were welcomed by the flight of two F-16 fighters of the Polish Air Forces currently participating in the NATO Air Policing Mission. The Polish troops have deployed in total four F-16 fighters at the  Lithuanian Air Force Air Base in Šiauliai . "We were happy being able to fly over Panevežys and to welcome the guests and participants of the event from the air", - soldiers of the Polish contingent which are currently in the lead of the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic countries said. This is the seventh Polish Air Force mission after 29 March, 2004 when NATO started the Air Policing Mission in the Baltic countries.


The US rotational forces' troops in the Baltic countries participated in the festivity. Currently about 100 US troops as NATO security-building measures and part of the US Operation Atlantic Determination are deployed in Lithuania. The US Army soldiers, rotating every several months, have been training in Lithuania since spring. They have several times participated in the traditional Armed Forces and Society Day.


In the festivity in Panevėžys participated and told about their activities NATO units operating in Lithuania: Multinational NATO Force integration unit located in Vilnius and NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence.


Partisans Honour Armed Forces and Society Unity Day in Lithuania is traditionally held on the third weekend of May. On this day all Lithuanian Armed Forces becomes open to the society - it presents all branches of the Armed Forces: Land Force, Air Force, Air Force and Special Forces. Citizens have a great opportunity to talk to soldiers, to get acquainted with their machines and weapons, to try military tasks, watch demonstrative operations of soldiers.

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