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NATO air forces train for two days to ensure security in the Baltic skies


On April 25-26 the fourth edition of the NATO air exercise series RAMSTEIN ALLOY is held in Baltic airspace, mainly over Lithuania. RAMSTEIN ALLOY 4 serves to exercise Baltic Air Policing alert aircraft as well as to enhance relations and interoperability amongst allied Air Forces.


Fighter jets from both Baltic Air Policing detachments, the Netherlands and Germany, from Poland and from Norway as well as a transport aircraft from Lithuania, a US tanker and NATO AWACS aircraft are training in this live flying event.


“The NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states demonstrates the capacity of the Alliance to amass the available capabilities of the allies to ensure collective defence. The Air Policing Mission protects the integrity of NATO airspace and guard by alert scrambles in response to military and civilian aircraft that approach NATO airspace without observing international slights requirements and rules,” Deputy Commander of AWACS Air Commodore Paddy Teakle said during the NATO air forces Exercise RAMSTEIN ALLOY that began on April 25.


Air Commodore P. Teakle underscored that the exercise “is not modelled as a response to specific threats, however, the Air Policing Mission is one of the key components that showcases NATO commitment to the security of its allies.”


The scheduled tri-annual exercise improves NATO airspace surveillance and control, air policing and other air capabilities in the Baltic region, including C2 capabilities.


POC: Captain Ieva Gulbinienė, 00370 686 00655


Photo credits: Lieutenant Arnas Glazauskas

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