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It all comes down to the speed of reaction, concrete action, ad clear communication, R. Karoblis says following tabletop exercise


The Ministry of National Defence in collaboration with the influential U.S. think tank Atlantic Council held the first strategic-level tabletop exercise in Lithuania on April 25.


The exercise assessed the inner dynamics of decisions making of Lithuania and its allies and interoperability of separate institutions in the event of crisis in Lithuania.


“Today we had the opportunity to test how well we are prepared to respond in feasible situations directly threatening our national security. We have to not only to ensure necessary capabilities but also a clear and practically applicable decision making procedure. Among the most critical factors of success in a crisis are the speed of decision making, concrete actions, and a clear and precise communication among the decisions makers and outwards,” Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis said after the exercise. According to him, states have economic, diplomatic and military measures in their disposition, and all advantages have to be used precisely in a crisis.


The exercise was attended by representatives of authorities shaping and implementing Lithuania’s security and defence policy, U.S. officials, and members of NATO structures.


The tabletop exercise was a part of Security Enhancement and Countering Conventional and Hybrid Threats in north-eastern Europe, a joint project of the Ministry of National Defence and the Atlantic Council.


The project programme also includes a conference in Washington with high-level participation from the U.S. Administration and the Congress, and international security and defence experts. The project will be wrapped up at an event in Lithuania: the outcome insights on security gaps in terms of measures in the region will be presented, responsible institutions will be given recommendations on further improvement of Lithuanian-NATO decision making procedure.


Lithuania cooperates with the influential U.S. think tank on the project to emphasise the relevance and establish Lithuania’s security and defence aspects in the U.S. political agenda, to obtain recommendations on additional U.S. and NATO security and defence measures in Lithuania and development of deficient defence capabilities.

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