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10th Europe-Ukraine Forum will address Ukraine’s reform


On January 27-28 Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas will attend the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów, Poland. The Vice Minister is planned to meet with his Polish counterpart Tomasz Szatkowski in the margins on January 27.


“We witness common challenges that come from the east unifying NATO allies and partners, so we need to step up our cooperation, ability to defend ourselves, communication and anti-propaganda actions, and fight against hybrid threats,” Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas said before departing to take part in the Forum panel on the role of NATO’s eastern allies in the development of regional partnerships with the Black Sea and South Caucasus countries.


The 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum is planned to be attended by roughly 500 renowned politicians, businessmen, journalists, international relations experts from the European Union, Ukraine, United States of America, Russia, and other neighbouring countries.


Having taken into account the discussion of the 9th Forum on the trends of modernisation and development of Ukraine, regional cooperation, energy security and foreign policy, this year the Forum focuses on the assessment of the potential of Ukrainian reforms. Participants will also take stock of the opportunities opened by the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement and development of civil society.


The Forum will include over 30 discussion panels and 8 presentations on security, economy, policy, regional situations and other topics.


The Europe-Ukraine Forum is organised by the Institute for Eastern Studies and the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Since 2007 the Forum has already been held in Poland, Ukraine and Hungary.


V. Umbrasas plans discussing with Poland’s Vice Minister of Defence T. Szatkowski the prospects of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy, plans for military cooperation in NATO framework, and bilateral military cooperation.


Military cooperation with Poland is vital for both, Lithuanian and regional security. Lithuania has been developing intense relations in defence area with Poland since 1993.


Poland is one of the most active participants of the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states. Since 2005, Polish fighter aircraft and air crews have been deployed in the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai six times.


Lithuanian and Polish armed forces are developing continuous cooperation between headquarters of different levels, military education institutions and military units. Following a long-standing cooperation Lithuania and Poland established a joint brigade, LITPOLUKRBRIG, together with Ukraine in 2014. With the completion of the project, the trilateral brigade has become an important platform of regional defence cooperation.


Lithuania and Poland cooperate in NATO defence planning, development of Article 5 capabilities, planning of NATO exercises in the region.


Lithuania has been a part of the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast in Poland since 2003. Based in Szczecin, it is the closet NATO corps to Lithuania, it was deployed to Afghanistan twice. Currently, eight Lithuanian officers serve at the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast.


Credits: Alfredas Pliadis (MoD)

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