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Final agreement regarding the status of the US armed forces on the territory of Lithuania made


Lithuania finished negotiations with the United States of America regarding the text of the treaty on the status of the US armed forces on the territory of Lithuania. On December 21 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the final text which had been coordinated with the US. The treaty will be signed by Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis upon authorisation from the President of the Republic of Lithuania.


The treaty will come into force once it is ratified by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.


The treaty is the first bilateral agreement between Lithuania and the US of its nature defining the status of the US armed forces on the territory of Lithuania in detail. It adds strength to the Lithuanian-US defence cooperation. The agreement once again reiterates the US defence commitments to Lithuania and in its turn Lithuania sets in place all conditions to implement the commitments. The treaty supplements the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (NATO SOFA) of 1951 that the Lithuanian Parliament ratified in 2004.


The current treaty facilitates arrival and stay in Lithuania of persons serving with the US Armed Forces, as well as conduct of joint training exercises and other projects in terms of procedures.


The United States of America approves such agreements with countries it cooperates closely in defence area. To date, the US has over 100 such treaties with different states, half of which a NATO and Partnership for Peace countries.


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