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New patrol ship complements the Lithuanian Navy


On November 23 patrol ship P15 the Lithuanian Armed Forces had bought from Denmark was transferred to the Lithuanian Navy at a ceremony in Korsør port in Denmark. The new ship will replace 50 years old Storm-class LNS Sėlis (P32) built in Norway that currently use serving in Patrol Ships Division of the Lithuanian Navy.


The P15 is scheduled to sail into Klaipėda in December and to be christened in January 2017.


“Our newly purchased patrol ship from Denmark is our effort to maintain the capacity of the Patrol Ships Division of the Lithuanian Navy. From now on it will be comprised of four up-to-date multirole ships of the same type which will ensure the tasks, i.e. patrolling Lithuania’s territorial Baltic Sea, search and rescue, and others, are completed efficiently for a long time to come,” Commander of the Lithuanian Navy Captain (Navy) says. According to Commander, the P15 is twice as new as the so far used Sėlis (P32) which obsolete and causes difficulties in obtaining spare parts.


The Flyvefisken-class vessel was built in Denmark and is handed over to Lithuania on the basis of an agreement signed by the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) in September 2016. By this agreement, the Lithuanian Armed Forces bought the P15 vessel and two anti-submarine detection sonar systems for patrol ships. Total value of the project is EUR 6.5 m.


While moored in Korsør, the banner of the Lithuanian Navy was hoisted in the P15 during a ceremony in the presence of representatives of the Lithuanian Navy, its crew, and DALO representatives.


The P15 makes the fourth ship of Flyvefisken (Danish for flying-fish) class, or Standart Flex 300 type multirole ship in the Patrol Ships Division of the Lithuanian Naval Flotilla. The first three of the ships, Žemaitis (P11), Dzūkas (P12) and Aukštaitis (P14), began service in the Lithuanian Navy in 2008-2010.


The Patrol Ships Division of the Lithuanian Navy is does patrolling in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania, detention of trespassers, convoy, search and rescue operations, and completes other tasks.


POC: CIMIC officer for the Lithuanian Navy Lieutenant (Navy) Antanas Brencius, 00370 46 391 207, 00370 698 181 96


Photo credits: Lieutenant Junior Grade Vytautas Drejeris


About the Flyvifisken-class ship P15 (Lithuanian Navy numeration):


Construction of the Flyvefisken-class patrol ship P15 began in 1988, it was commissioned into the Danish Navy on 1 November 1990 and called P552 Havkatten (Danish for lancet-fish).


Flyvefisken-class vessels were designed and built by Danyard A/S Olborge shipyard in Denmark from 1987 to 1996, 14 ships in total. The first of them were commissioned into the Danish Navy in 1989.


P15 characteristics


Class - Flyvefisken

Ship name - Havkatten P552

Built by Danyard A/S Olborge

Commissioned on 1 November 1990

Displacement - 450 t.

Length - 54m

Beam – 9 m

Draught- 3 m

Crew - 20 – 30 depending on the role

Propulsion - 2 MTU diesel engines 5.440 hp

3 auxiliary engines

Maximum speed - 18 knots

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