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First phase of military radar site construction completed in Degučiai and Antaveršis


Video report (Sgt Spc 1st Class Lukas Kalvaitis)


The first phase of construction works at the Lithuanian Air Force radar posts located in Degučiai (Šilutė district) and Antaveršis (Prienai district) has been completed and installation of the state-of-the-art radar systems have begun with testing to follow.


“Completion of the first phase of construction at the radar posts of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, with the upgrading of Degučiai and Antaveršis, marks an extremely important step in modernizing our national airspace surveillance and defence capabilities,” acting Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas said during a visit to Degučiai on November 29.


Full operational capability of the radar posts for this vital Lithuanian air defence capability is planned by 2019. According to Minister J. Olekas, with all systems in place, the radars will provide one of the most advanced air surveillance capability in the region.


The new radar posts infrastructure with the installed equipment, is Lithuania’s largest contribution to both, national and NATO collective defence capabilities to date. “This long-term strategic project will contribute to enhancing and strengthening the air defence surveillance, and control of national airspace which is part of the unified NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System,” Minister J. Olekas said.


The situational awareness provided by the new radar posts will ensure uninterrupted airspace surveillance and control, faster response to potential airspace violations, and quicker identification of threats.


The upgraded radar posts will also allow Lithuania to provide better airspace surveillance as a host nation, in support of the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission. The improved air picture will provide better operational awareness for Allied air capabilities and also assist in search and rescue operations.



Through the enhancement and strengthening of the peacetime airspace surveillance system, Lithuania Armed Forces will upgrade three Airspace Surveillance and Control Command radar posts: 1st (Antaveršis village, Prienai district), 3rd (Degučiai village, Šilutė district) and 4th (Ceikiškės village, Ignalina district). Construction works at the 4th post are scheduled to begin in 2017.


The upgrade of radar post infrastructure encompasses building new premises, installation of new communication systems and new NATO standard radars which will replace outdated Soviet era long-range radars that the Lithuanian Armed Forces currently operates.


The project has been running since 2007, the radar acquisition procedures were conducted and contract signed between a NATO country manufacturer and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) together with the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) on behalf of the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania. The total value of the project is approximately €60 million euro.


The provision of an effective airspace surveillance and control system is an essential Lithuanian national security task and North Atlantic Treaty Articles 3 and 5 obligation.


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