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Major General J. Andriškevičius advises on Ukraine’s defence reform


On October 19-22 Major General Jonas Andriškevičius, the first Chief of Defence of Lithuania after the re-establishment of independence, currently member of the academic staff of the Institute of Military Science at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, will conduct a visit in Kyiv. Maj. Gen. J. Andriškevičius will meet with Minister of Defence of Ukraine Army General Stepan Poltorak, Chief of the General Staff Army General Viktor Muzhenko, other high-ranking defence officials and parliamentarians.


Maj. Gen. J. Andriškevičius takes part in the activities of the Ukrainian Defence Reform Advisory board formed by former high defence officials of NATO countries. The main function of the Board is to supervise the work done by the Ukrainian Reforms Committee and to advise it on the implementation of the reform, as well as to seek to have reforms comply with the targets set and aspirations of Euro-Atlantic integration.


The Board includes members delegated by the United States, United Kingdom and Canada who will advise the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Chief of the General Staff and other high officials of Ukraine involved in the defence system reform process. The process is implemented by the Defence Reforms Committee established by the Ministry of National Defence and headed by the Minister of National Defence.


Maj. Gen. J. Andriškevičius was appointed as the representative of Lithuania to the Ukrainian Defence Reform Advisory Board as of June 2016.


After the re-establishment of Lithuania’s independence Maj. Gen. J. Andriškevičius was in command of the Volunteer Force of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, National Defence School (later renamed into General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania) and the Military Conscription Administration Service.


In 1993 – 1999 Maj. Gen. J. Andriškevičius was the Chief of Defence of Lithuania.


Lithuania plays an active role in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity since the beginning of the Russian aggression and provides all forms of possible and legal support, including military.


Lithuanian soldiers have been contributing to training soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine since 2014, and alongside NATO allies - regular units of Ukraine’s forces since 2015. Also, military paramedics of Lithuania contributed to training Ukrainian colleagues together with US soldiers.


On 18 April 2016 Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Juozas Olekas and Minister of Defence of Ukraine Army General Stepan Poltorak signed an agreement on behalf of their respective ministries on development and implementation of advisory programs and training during an official Lithuanian Minister’s visit in Kyiv.


Credit: K. Dijokas

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