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Force generation conference on international battalion to be deployed in Lithuania took place in Lithuania


Following decision taken in NATO summit in Warsaw to deploy a battalion in each of 3 Baltic States and Poland, a force generation conference took place in Vilnius on August 23-26. Representatives from Belgium, Croatia, Czech, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway and Germany, as framework nation, were discussing various issues of the multinational battalion.


“I am sure that after the implementation of the political decisions of the NATO summit in Warsaw and deployment of an international battalion to Lithuania we will have sufficient level of deterrence and reinforced both national and regional security,” – addressing the participants of the conference said director of the Euro Atlantic cooperation department of the Ministry of national defense of the Republic of Lithuania mr. Saulius Gasiunas.


During the visit to Lithuania officers from allied countries also visited military training facilities, evaluated infrastructure of the Lithuanian armed forces and living conditions in the barracks.


It’s planned that Germany led and from allied units formed multinational battalion will be deployed to Lithuania in the beginning of 2017 and be located in military installation near Rukla town.


Credits: WO Gintautas  Mauricas

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