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New and illustrated publication Prepare to Survive Emergencies and War: a Cheerful Take on Serious Recommendations waspresented at the Ministry of National Defence


The Ministry of National Defence updated the publication called Prepare to Survive Emergencies and War it released in spring winning great public attention. A shorter version of the publication supplemented with witty illustrations was presented at the Ministry of Defence on December 18.


The presentation was attended by Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas, illustrator of the publication, artist Ilja Bereznickas, and managing editor of the publication, deputy head of the Defence Policy and Planning Department of the Ministry of National Defence Dr. Karolis Aleksa.


The new edition of the publication has been updated on the basis of the remarks, commentary and advice received after presenting for the publicly the first edition in 2015.


The recent edition is noticeably shorter: it includes only practical recommendations and information related directly to them.


The new edition is released in pocket-size format and includes entertaining illustrations created by a famous Lithuanian cartoon director and artist I. Bereznickas.


The publication will be issued in the circulation of 30 thousand, the major part of it will be distributed by Military Conscription and Manning Units of the National Defence Volunteer Force at community events.


The booklet will also be available at all the military conscription and manning centres.


Several copies of the publication will be given to officers working with mobilisation in all the city councils of Lithuania, public education and vocational training institutions, public libraries and libraries of higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences.


Both, English and Lithuanian versions of the publication are available online:

Prepare to survive emergencies and war: a cheerful take on serious recommendations 


Credits: Alfredas Pliadis

Illustrations by Ilja Bereznickas

2016-11-18 06:34

Brian Todd

Can you please send me your latest pamphlet Thanks
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