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Defense operations in the Baltic States are trained during Command Post Exercise in Lithuania


International atmosphere is prevalent at the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ Adolfas Ramanauskas Warfare Training Nemenčinė - around six hundred and a half military personnel from Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and the USA are training to plan and conduct defense operations.


Command Post Exercise (CPX) of the Danish Division and the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian infantry brigades affiliated to it running from June 1 is for the first time joined by staff personnel of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.


This year the CPX trains the brigade staffs to plan and lead an operation in defence of the Baltic States. The CPX follows the so-called “mobile defence” scenario featuring mobile units of the Danish Division in defence role.


The Danish Division and the units affiliated to it are attending joint training events on a regular basis. However, this is the first time such an event is integrated into an exercise of Saber Strike series the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) leads annually in the Baltic States and Poland; which is the reason why members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard have for the first time joined a CPX of the Danish Division.


According to Commander of the Danish Division Major General Flemming Mathiasen, director of the Command Post Exercise, the exercise objective is to synchronise the "battle rhythm" of the participating brigades while operating in an international environment so it is beneficial for every participating nation.


All the actions of the fictitious operation are trained using computer software simulating exercise situations and the virtual battlefield according to the exercise scenario.


The CPX of the Danish Division units will end on June 12. In the meanwhile, the Field Training Exercise of Exercise Saber Strike 15 is gathering pace in the Baltic States’ and Poland’s military training area.


Saber Strike is an annual exercise held by the U.S. Army Europe in the Baltic States. Saber Strike 15 is the fifth iteration of the series held in Lithuania. The part of the exercise in Lithuania will involve roughly 1.6 thousand Lithuanian military and 1.5 thousand troops from 9 NATO countries – Canada, Denmark, Estonia, , France, Germany, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, and the USA.


Roughly 1 thousand of Portuguese, US and German military personnel have brought an impressive arsenal of military armament for the FTX in Lithuania: the ABRAMS tanks, the STRYKER, the BOXER, the PANDUR and the FUCHS wheeled armoured personnel carriers and the EAGLE IV and the DINGO II armoured reconnaissance vehicles. Allied troops have been training with this equipment in combined exercises in Lithuania since April.


The part of Exercise Saber Strike 15 held in Latvia will also certify the Baltic Battalion (BALTBAT) which is preparing for standby for the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2016. BALTBAT formed by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian militaries is a combined Baltic contribution to the NATO Response Force. Lithuania's input into BALTBAT is a company and a headquarters element of King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion.


Photo credit: Alfredas Pliadis

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