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U.S. rotations in Lithuania shift


New rotation of military personnel of the U.S. Army deployed in Lithuania for combined training with our forces shifted in mid-December. The company of the 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army, which had been deployed since October, was replaced by soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army. The new rotation deployed in Poland and the Baltic States from its home base in Vilseck, Germany.


Some soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrived in Rukla first and prepared to host the rest of the personnel and combat equipment at the Duke Vaidotas Mechanised Infantry Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf in the first week of January.


The new U.S. shift will take part in combined multinational ground forces combat training exercises in the Baltic States and Poland likewise the previous rotations.


The 4th U.S. rotations finished the tour of combined training with Lithuanian forces and deployed back to its homebase in Texas with the equipment and vehicles it had brought.


The rotating U.S. contingents have been deployed in the Baltic States and Poland since spring 2014 as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a reassurance to NATO allies of U.S. commitments to collective defence in the light of the aggressive Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


The U.S. ally will maintain its presence in Lithuania for as long as it is required by the security situation to implement the NATO decisions taken at the Summit in Wales.


Hungarian and Danish military personnel also underwent a tour of duty of joint training with Lithuanian ground forces in 2014.


When combined training with NATO allies is completed, Lithuanian military will continue training on their own, i.e. attend military training events, conduct standbys in the Domestic Support Forces and the Rapid Response Force established in November 2014.


Photo from MoD archive (A. Pliadis): military personnel from the 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army, took part in combined exercises with Lithuanians from October 2014 till mid-December 2014.

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