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Vice Minister of National Defence A. Valys will welcome soldiers of the Lithuanian Air Force deployed home from the mission in Afghanistan


On October 1 Lithuanian troops who have completed one more Lithuanian-led international mission in Afghanistan successfully will be welcomed by Vice Minister of National Defence A.Valys at the Air Base of the Lithuanian Air Force.


The Vice Minister will present medals for Deployment on International Missions to the soldiers who were training helicopter pilots and technical maintenance personnel of the Afghan National Security Forces. The Air Mentoring Team was an important Lithuania’s contribution to the training and strengthening of the Afghan National Security Forces.


The soldiers returned to Lithuania on September 25.


7 rotations of 11 members had taken turns to carry out the mission since Lithuania took up heading an AMT in February 2011. Lithuanian soldiers were accompanied by Belgian, Latvian and Ukrainian military. Belgium and Ukraine completed their contributions this summer while Latvia is withdrawing together with Lithuania.


AMT rotations were training airmen of the Afghan National Army to complete squadron-level air operations in helicopters, to plan air operations and to ensure technical maintenance of aircraft from the main NATO ISAF operational headquarters at Kandahar Airfield. The AMT work was done in close cooperation with the U.S. 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group Advisory Team.


The formal homecoming ceremony will be held at the Šiauliai Air Base at 4:00 p.m. Registration for attendance takes place till October 1, 12:00 p.m. at 00370 41 592 151 (PR specialist Aušra Bukienė).


Photo from the MoD archive

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