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Canadian Air Force fighters landed in Šiauliai


On 26 August four Royal Canadian Air Force fighters F-18 Hornet landed in Lithuanian Armed Force Air Base in Šiauliai. From 1 September Canada and Portugal will start 36th NATO air policing mission rotation in the Baltic countries.


Four months along with the fighters more than 130 Canadian soldiers - pilots and maintenance personnel will be deployed in Lithuania. The Canadian Air Task Force is a part of operation “Reassurance” air component, assigned by Canada to provide NATO's support in order to ensure security and stability in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Canadian troops arrived to Lithuania when completed participation in the Allied operation in Romania.


This will be the first air policing mission of Canadian soldiers in the Baltic countries. Canadians participated similar mission in Iceland.


In the NATO air policing mission in Lithuania Canadian soldiers will reinforce the air contingent of Portugal, both contingents will be deployed in Šiauliai. From the Estonian Air Force Air Base in Amari German and Netherland fighters will participate in the air policing mission in the Baltic States air space.


Currently since May Polish and United Kingdom fighters are patrolling in Baltic states air space from Šiauliai. Danish fighters are deployed in Estonia, reinforced by French and Polish military forces.


The official NATOs Baltic Air Policing contingents’ rotation ceremony will be held on 1 September in the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai.


For the last ten years NATO countries have been assigning fighters for patrolling in the air space of the allies Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as the countries have no their own capabilities. After NATO's decision to achieve stability and security in the Central and Eastern Europe, from the spring of this year more fighters have been assigned to the NATO air policing mission in the Baltic states.


Photos by - Antanas Gedrimas


Canadian Royal Air Force aircraft F-18 Hornet are landing in the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai.

Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Lt Col Vidmantas Raklevičius and Canadian Royal Air Force contingent commander Lt Col David Pletz.

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