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Lithuanian officer deployed to a NATO mission in Kosovo


On June 23 a staff sergeant of the Movement Control Centre of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was deployed to the NATO-led peace support operation, Kosovo Force (KFOR). He will carry out a three-month tour of duty at the KFOR Joint Logistic Support Group headquartered in Pristina to contribute to a fluent movement of NATO forces in Kosovo.


During the tour of duty with KFOR the Lithuania officer will be in charge of planning and arranging transportation of troops and cargoes, mediating in border-crossing procedures, and for providing support in controlling troop movement on roads and at airports alongside his colleagues from other nations contributing to KFOR.


Lithuania has been part of this NATO-led peace support operation since adopting a decision to resume its national contribution to KFOR in late 2012. Lithuanian military of movement control specialty are serving in the multinational operation on a three-month rotational basis, one at a time.


Lithuanians are completing tasks in Kosovo alongside colleagues from 10 NATO member states: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the United States, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Canada, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.


The NATO-led operation in Kosovo is carried out to the end of providing a safe and secure environment for local communities and freedom of movement, as well as for providing support for Kosovar institutions and international civilian personnel. The operation initially launched on June 12, 1999, now includes participants from 30 nations.


In 2014 the Logistic Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is leading the NATO Movement Control Multinational Integrated Logistic Unit (Mov Con MILU) maintaining readiness to support NATO forces in various theatres of operation.


Lithuanian military are part of KFOR on the basis of the 2014-2015 mandate of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania providing for deployment of up to five civilians or military to the NATO-led operation in Kosovo.


Photo credits: SFC Vaidotas Janulis (MoD archive photos)

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