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US Pennsylvania National Guard will share experience in military family support program


On July 23 Vice Minister of National Defence Antanas Valys met with representatives of the Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG) who had arrived in Lithuania to present State Family Program used by the Pennsylvania National Guard that could be applied to support national defence system personnel and their families.


“Military servicemembers, their health, conditions of service and family atmosphere are among the issues of great concern and interest to us. Experience sharing with foreign partners is highly beneficial to us in terms of improving tools for supporting troops and their families, as well as finding solutions to other social problems, particularly, those concerning the Pennsylvania National Guard with whom we have been partners for 20 years,” the Vice Minister said at the meeting at the Ministry of National Defence.


According to A. Valys, there are various social securities, certain healthcare services, psychological assistance, and medical rehabilitation available for members of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, contacts are maintained with military families, particularly during the periods of deployments to multinational operations.


The guests from the Pennsylvania National Guard, an equivalent of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force (NDVF), will also pay a visit to the NDVF Headquarters in Vilnius.


At the meeting the representatives of the office of the Pennsylvania National Guard will represent support programs for military families, e.g., assistance in case of moving to live to another location or in case of deployment of a family member on a mission, integration of military personnel after missions, psychological, healthcare assistance, cooperation with employers.


Lithuania and the Pennsylvania National Guard have been developing cooperation for 20 year, i.e., since 1993.


The PNG representatives arrange courses for personnel of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, delegate their military observers and instructors to Lithuanian-hosted exercises, invite Lithuanian military to take part in instructor training programs and other events in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania National Guard also maintain close cooperation with other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces – Joint Staff, National Defence Volunteer Force, Logistics Command, Special Operations Forces, Lithuanian Air Force, and the General Adolfas Ramanauskas Warfare Training Centre.


Photos by Alfredas Pliadis (MoD)

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