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Lithuanian military carry on training police officers of Ghor province


Military personnel of the Operations Coordination Centre Advisory Team (OCCAT) and the Military Advisory Team (MAT), serving as part of Lithuanian Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), continue training police personnel in the province via lectures on a variety of subject-matter and exercises.


A training cycle has taken place recently at the compound of Chaghcharan PRT where Lithuanian troops shared experience with local policemen in the area of counter-IED measures and efficient use of an indirect support weapon, minethrower.


The training cycle was arranged by request of the provincial police authorities.


Explosive ordnance disposal specialists from both, Chaghcharan PRT and the battalion of the Afghan National Army deployed in Ghor, shared their expertise at the course.


In addition to their routine tasks, the Afghan National Police (ANP) often take part in joint security operations with the ANA and coalition troops involving tactics and weaponry characteristic to military forces.


“Local officers are well aware that it will be for them to ensure security in Ghor once the PRT is withdrawn from the province, therefore they do their best in absorbing the knowledge and experience of our troops and are active participants of all the training events,” said OCCAT commander Lieutenant Colonel Arūnas Dzidzevičius.


Military personnel of the OCCAT deliver consultations and training for the staff of the Operations Coordination Centre to teach them plan, coordinate and control independently the operations of local security forces in Ghor. The OCCAT comprises 8 troops from different units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


Operations Coordination Centres (OCCs) were established across Afghanistan by a Presidential Decree in 2008. The units operate at regional and provincial levels. The key task of the OCCs is to facilitate collaboration among military structures, as well as coordination and synchronisation in performing their primary tasks. The OCCs are staffed by coalition officers and personnel from the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).


The Operations Coordination Centre Province-Ghor (OCCP-G) is based in the compound of Chaghcharan police. Currently, the Centre’s staff includes approximately 40 experts from the structures of the Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army Centre and Security Department.


Lithuanian PRTs have provided training for over 700 ANP officers of various ranks since 2010.


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Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) currently ensuring security in the province of Ghor, Afghanistan, is a joint civilian-military mission, part of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, which was launched in the summer of 2005.


The last rotation of the PRT which will close the mission is formed by General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf. Military Advisory Team (MAT) serving alongside the PRT provide consultations and transmit their experience and knowledge to the ANSF personnel in Ghor province. Lithuanians on the ground also receive support from Georgian and Ukrainian military personnel.


As the entire province of Ghor was included into the ongoing transition of responsibility for security in Afghanistan to local security forces late last year, the key task of Chaghcharan PRT is enhancing capacity of local authorities and security forces with a focus on mentoring function.


Lithuania has scheduled to withdraw its forces from Ghor and to close the PRT mission by the autumn of 2013.

Press release by: PIO for the PRT-17 Capt Ainaras Jonaitis.


Photos by: Capt Robertas Šiuša.

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