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Afghan National Army enhance capacity in southern districts of Ghor


On April 23 through 25 approximately 100 troops of the Afghan National Army (ANA) conducted a combined operation with military personnel of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team of Ghor (PRT-16). The operation aimed at improving security situation in the southern district of Ghor province, Pasaband, via strengthening the units of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) deployed there.


The district of Pasaband is located approximately 200 kilometres to the south of the capital of Ghor, Chaghcharan, and has a border with Helmand, one of the least safe provinces of Afghanistan, for which reason insurgent and criminal gangs’ activities are in Pasaband spotted more frequently than in other parts of Ghor. The Afghan National Police and an ANA military unit are ensuring security in the district.


The over two-day operation was planned and supervised by the Headquarters of the ANA Battalion of Chaghcharan. It was initiated by the Governor of Ghor of Afghanistan. The operation expanded the ANA platoon deployed in Pasaband to a company-sized unit.


“The security situation in Pasaband is expected to improve consistently as a result of deployment of an ANA company. Enlarged military presence will disrupt and prevent criminal and insurgent activities more efficiently than before,” Commander of the PRT-16 Military Advisory Team Lieutenant Colonel Mantas Juozaitis said.


Early in April the ANA contingent in Ghor was nearly doubled in size with the deployment of additional 300 troops. Currently, local security forces are gradually increased in size in Ghor to the end of ensuring security in the province and opposing insurgent forces more efficiently. For the moment approximately 500 local military are deployed in Ghor at the base of the ANA Kandak in Chaghcharan and check-posts established across the province.


Lithuania has scheduled handing over the security lead to local security forces and closing the Lithuanian-led PRT mission in Ghor by the end of 2013.


At the moment the 16th rotation of the Provincial Reconstruction Team of Ghor is ensuring security in the province, the staff of the military contingent also includes military representatives of Georgia and Ukraine.


By: PAO for the PRT-16, 1st Lt Indrė Sejonienė

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