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Minister of National Defence decorated Special Operations troops of Latvia and Lithuania


On January 30 Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas presented medals for participation in the NATO-led multinational operation to members of the joint Lithuanian-Latvian Special Operations Forces (SOF) Squadron after their redeployment from the mission in Afghanistan.


“The job done by the SOF Squadron received really high evaluation from the allies and the command of the NATO operation in Afghanistan. You have proved by your corporate achievements that you are brothers in arms capable of completing every task entrusted to you,” Minister of Defence J.Olekas said emphasizing the significance of cooperation between the Lithuanian and Latvian SOF.


A new rotation of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces Squadron was formally deployed to the operation in Afghanistan during the same ceremony.


The ceremony was also attended by the Lithuanian Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Arvydas Pocius, Chief of the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Brigadier General Vilmantas Tamošaitis, the Commander of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces, and also representatives of Latvian and Estonian special operations forces.


The Lithuanian Special Operations Squadron has been involved in the high risk and high intensity multinational operation in the south of Afghanistan since 2002. Since 2007 the unit has been implementing special tasks in the south of Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In 2010 the Lithuanian Special Operations Squadron began and subsequently prepared for independent operation Counter-terrorism Company of the Afghan National Police (ANP) in Zabul province. Since 2011 military personnel of the Special Operations Forces of Latvia have been serving alongside Lithuanians in the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces Squadron.


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