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Defence Ministers of Lithuania and Latvia will discuss defence of the Baltic States in the interwar period and today


September 7, Defence Minister of Lithuania Rasa Juknevičienė and Defence Minister of Latvia Artis Pabriks will discuss defence of the Baltic States in the interwar period and today in Vytautas Magnus University.


In a discussion “22 Years of Independence of the Baltic States in the Interwar Period and Today. Lessons Learned.” Ministers will compare security situation, security assurance, threats, readiness of the national armies, political will, and other issues, in the interwar period and today.


“History can teach us critical things: if we had not defended our country, today we would not have our nation. When we recognise the weight of defence in the course of history, we will understand why it is so necessary today”, R. Juknevičienė said. The benefit of the membership of the Baltic States in NATO, lessons of history learned, and the importance of the Baltic and regional cooperation will also be touched upon.


For over two decades the Baltic States have been developing close defence cooperation. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia complete joint trilateral projects – the jointly hosted Baltic Air Policing mission, the collectively established Baltic Defence College in Tartu (BALTDEFCOL) which provides training for officers of the Baltic and other states, the Baltic Air Surveillance Network project (BALTNET), etc. Lithuanian and Latvian Special Operations Forces operate jointly in the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in the south of Afghanistan.


Photo from MOD archive (By Gatis Diezins) – Lithuanian and Latvian Defence Ministers in the Baltic Defence Ministers’ meeting.

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