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Rotation of Danish Defence Attaché


On July 3 Defence Attaché of the Kingdom of Denmark Capt (N) Ulf Berthelsen was farewelled and a new Denmark’s Defence Attaché in Lithuania Col Søren Frausig was accredited at a ceremony at the Ministry of National Defence. The ceremony was also attended by Vice Minister of National Defence for Defence Policy Vytautas Umbrasas and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in Lithuania HE Jørgen Molde.


Capt (N) U. Berthelsen was accredited on March 31, 2008, and carried out his duties based in Vilnius. National Defence System Medal of Merit was bestowed on Capt (N) U. Berthelsen upon the farewell and for his personal contribution to the strengthening of the Lithuanian-Danish cooperation.


The new Defence Attaché of the Kingdom of Demark Col S. Frausig has been serving in the national armed forces since 1983. Prior to the appointment as the Defence Attaché the Danish officer served at the NATO Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum and led the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) in the province of Helmand, Afghanistan. From 2003 to 2004 Col S. Frausig worked as the Military Advisor to the Chief of Defence of Estonia. He was also involved in the academic activity at the Baltic Defence College in Tartu (Estonia). Service and work of Col S. Frausig has been acknowledged with top Danish, Baltic States’ and NATO decorations.


The current Lithuania’s Defence Attaché to the Kingdom of Denmark is Lt Col Klaidas Tolys based in Copenhagen.

Military cooperation between Lithuania and Denmark commenced in 1994 when both countries deployed troops to conduct the multinational operations in the Balkan Region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo) and Iraq.


Denmark was one of the most active contributing countries during the reform of the Lithuanian Armed Forces countries and during the period when the Lithuanian Armed Forces had to be re-equipped with weaponry and equipment corresponding to NATO standards.


One of the most influential projects of bilateral cooperation between the Lithuanian and Danish Armed Forces LITBRIG began in 2005. The Mechanised Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf” was affiliated to the Land Force Division of the Royal Danish Armed Forces which allowed the military personnel of the Brigade to train in division-level military exercises, military training events, as well as practice collective staff work. The main objective of the LITBRIG project is to assist the Headquarters and the personnel of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf” in reaching full readiness for the full spectrum of NATO operations in line with NATO standards before the end of 2014.


In the recent several years Danish military also assist in training the Tactical Air Controler Parties, (TACP) of the Lithuanian Land Force which are later on deployed to conduct joint tasks with Danish troops in the NATO-led Operation in Afghanistan.


F-16 fighter-jets of the Royal Danish Air Force have been deployed on the Baltic Air Policing mission for three times already– in 2004, 2009 and 2011.

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