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New Governor of Ghowr posted, his predecessor Dr A. Heivad farewelled


On August 27 delegation of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-15) of Ghowr, province of Afghanistan, attended the first meeting with the newly assigned Governor of Ghowr Syed Anwar Rahmati who replaced the former Governor Dr. Abdullah Heivad in the position.


PRT-15 Commander Col Artūras Radvilas introduced civilian and military components of PRT-15, command of the European Union Police Mission in Chaghcharan, Military Advisory and Police Mentoring Teams, the essential guidelines of the activity, and projects underway to the new head of Ghowr.


At the meeting PRT-15 Commander emphasised the importance of close cooperation, stressed the necessity to enhance peace and security, and organise development cooperation projects in the province of Ghowr. In his turn the new Governor stated his wish to establish friendly relations as soon as possible and to maintain active cooperation with the PRT-15 for the sake of people’s welfare and the future of the state.


Prior to the assignment as the Governor of Ghowr S. A. Rachmati was the Governor of the nearby Sar-e-pul province from May 2010 to April 2012. He is a member of an Islamic Hezb-e Wahdat party and was the head of the office of the second Vice President of Afghanistan for five years (from 2004 to 2010). Earlier S. A. Rachmati worked as editor of one of the weekly newspapers of Kabul, represented the province of Bamyan a native of which he is across different levels of administration. Governor S.A. Rachmati has also served as the Chief of Staff at the Wahdat Army Corps in Kabul.


On August 24 a farewell ceremony was held for the outgoing Governor Dr. Abdullah Heiwad who has been leading the province since December 2010. When visiting Lithuania Dr. A. Heiwad and in public events in Afghanistan would always emphasise and appreciate Lithuania’s effortrs in the reconstruction of Ghowr, creating stability in the region, and implementing development cooperation projects.


“Today we farewell not only a partner and a colleague but also a genuine friend with whom we have made so far forward, worked together, learned from each other, and supported each other. We will continue the reconstruction of the province together with people of Afghanistan,” said PRT-15 Commander Col A.Radvilas in the farewell ceremony.


Currently PRT-15 formed by the Lithuanian Grand Duchess Birutė Motorised Infantry Battalion of the Lithuanian Land Force ensures security in Ghowr. The shift as well as the entire military element of Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team is led by Lt Col Artūras Radvilas, Commander of the Battalion. It is the second deployment of the Battalion's personnel to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Combat flag of the unit flew in the PRT camp in Chaghcharan in 2008.


The Civilian Element of the PRT is manned by Lithuanian, Japanese and U.S. offices representing their respective governments and completing development cooperation projects and programmes. The activity of the Lithuanian office is organised by two members of the Lithuanian Special Mission, the Japanese office is run by four development cooperation advisors, and the work of the U.S. office is done by one representative of the Department of State and two advisors of the U.S. Agency for International Development.


Lithuanian civilian and military personnel in Ghowr executes the peacekeeping mission along with colleagues from Georgia, Japan, USA, Poland, Finland, the Check Republic, Ukraine, Croatia and Bulgaria.


Release by: PIO for PRT-15 1st Lt Jurgis Norvaiša


Photos – moments of the farewell with the former Governor of Dr. A. Heiwad.

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