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First crop of the Basic Military Volunteer Skills Course took an oath at the Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment


On July 27 the first crop of the Basic Military Volunteer Skills Course (BMVSC) took an oath to the Republic of Lithuania at the Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment in Rukla (Jonavos Distr.).


The oath of allegiance ceremony was attended by Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command Col Gintaras Ažubalis, acting Commander of the Training Regiment Lt Col Viktoras Liepinš, former Vice Minister of National Defence Edmundas Simonaitis, commanders and sergeant majors of the territorial units of the National Defence Volunteer Force, families of the volunteers, and other guests.


BMVSC began on July 9 at the Training Regiment with 100 volunteers in attendance. The average age of the trainees ranged from 19 to 24. The youth gathered from all the six NDVF territorial units – in Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, and Alytus Districts.


Graduates of BMVSC swore allegiance to the Republic of Lithuania, the ceremony is particularly stately and memorable for the troops. Soldiers not only swear to serve faithfully for their country and obey their commander’s orders but also to defend their country, its freedom and independence at the expense of own life if such an event occurs.


The right to salute the flag of the Training Regiment on behalf of the newly sworn-in troops was given to volunteer Ignas Stankus. He distinguished himself by a thorough completion of duties and motivation in learning theoretical subjects, he cherished the name of a soldier and showed a flawless personal example for his course mates. Ignas relates his future with the military and intends to seek professional service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


Military Chaplain Capt Saulius Noretas blessed and congratulated the troops.


Prior to July 1 BMVSC was organised at the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Motorised Infantry Battalion in Klaipėda. Future volunteer troops attending BMVSC acquire the most essential military knowledge and skills, familiarise with the basics of engineering, weaponry, topography, and other military subjects.


Currently NDVF personnel numbers to over 4 thousand volunteer troops trained for military land territorial guard and defence of the State of Lithuania, multinational operations, and assisting state and municipal institutions.


PR Officer of the Training Regiment SFC Gintautas Jonaitis


Photos by 1st Lt Tomas Pakalnišis

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