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Afghan National Security Forces and Lithuanian military patrolled the easternmost district of Ghowr


From July 28 to 30 military personnel of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-15), officers of the Police Advisory Team (PAT-1), and members of the Afghan National Police conducted a patrol to the Lal Wa Sare Jangal district of Ghowr. The district located in the eastern part of Ghowr is the next biggest district after Chaghcharan with a population of over 100 thousand.


The patrol was organised to expand the influence of the central government and security forces in the district, to visit the sites of former projects, to estimate the condition of HW2 road usability and the possibility to restore it, possibilities for PRT and partners to undertake other development projects, estimate the security situation, meet with the representatives of local administration, discuss governance and development cooperation points relevant to the population of the district, and deliver assistance.


The patrol staff included PRT-15 Commander Col Artūras Radvilas, Head of the PRT Civilian Component Jurgis Stanaitis, specialists of CIMIC Team, representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Commander’s Emergency Response (CERP).


The patrol team met with the administrator and the chief of police of the district. “I would like to thank the PRT for a lasting assistance it renders to our district. Today we can enjoy the results achieved by common efforts – secure living environment, new schools, and ongoing projects. But according to my estimation the greatest achievement is that only in our district throughout Ghowr police officers patrol armed only with handcuffs and bats which is a proof that we have secure living conditions”, said Capt Sayed Zia Hossaini, chief of district’s police forces.


CIMIC specialists met with more than two hundreds of women of the district who gathered to the meeting. “The feeling when you are thanked by the women from the most remote corners of the district for being visited by a female, to whom they can reveal their concerns, everyday worries, and perceptions of the future, is indescribable. They claimed that I was the first woman from the PRT to visit them so their honesty, willingness to communicate and positive emotions inspire me in my work,” said CIMIC specialist Rūta Gaižutytė. According to the traditions of Ramadan presents were given and Afghans handed over gifts to Lithuanian people.


The former Police Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team now called Police Mentoring Team (PMT-1) performs the mentoring function for the Afghan National Police and conducts joint operations and patrols with local police. PMT-1 includes 20 members: 12 U.S. troops and 8 Lithuanians – Military Police and Public Security Service officers. The team is headed by Maj Darius Bartasevičius.


On May 13 the third phase of the transfer of responsibility process was launched in Afghanistan, among other it covers three districts of Ghor - Lal Wa Sarjangal, Chahar Sadah and Dawlat Yar. At the moment the process is centred in the area with the concentration of approximately 80 percent of the population of the province.


Currently PRT-15 formed by the Lithuanian Grand Duchess Birutė Motorised Infantry Battalion of the Lithuanian Land Force ensures security in Afghanistan. The shift is led by Lt Col Artūras Radvilas, Commander of the Battalion. It is the second deployment of the Battalion's personnel to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Combat flag of the unit flew in the PRT camp in Chaghcharan in 2008.


On the 4th of January, 2012, the town of Chaghcharan and the surrounding area were approved to join the transfer of responsibility process in Chaghcharan. Responsibility of local security forces, i.e. ANA units and police, for the security in their country is gradually increased since then. The key role of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT is training of the Afghan National Security Forces with a focus on mentoring. Administrational capabilities of local authorities are continually being supported as well as the development cooperation projects continued.


Lithuanian civilian and military personnel in Ghor executes the peacekeeping mission along with colleagues from Georgia, Japan, USA, Poland, Finland, the Check Republic, Ukraine, Croatia and Bulgaria.


Information by PIO for PRT-15 1st Lt Jurgis Norvaiša

Photos by Eduardas Bareika

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