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Five Lithuanian military vessels have deployed to the Baltic Sea for multinational training Exercise Amber Hope 2011


On June 14, 9.00 a.m., warships of the Lithuanian Naval Force, including (LNF) M53 “Skalvis,” M54 “Kuršis” and P14 “Aukštaitis” conducted a coordinated cast off at the Naval Flotilla and departed for sea in support of Amber Hope 2011. Other vessels involved in the Exercise will join them shortly, in accordance with the Exercise scenario.


Five LNF vessels will be engaged in the Exercise: two patrol and two mine countermeasures vessels, Search and Rescue ship “Šakiai” and harbour cutter H-21. They will all operate as one unit with the Special Operations Forces, Air Force elements and LNF Sea Coastal Surveillance Service.


The Exercise scenario, generated on the basis of ongoing NATO and the EU operations and mirroring real-life operations as closely as possible, will test the readiness of troops to conduct present-day NATO-led operations. Crews and naval staff officers will train in a military conflict scenario to test their readiness to respond to a changing situation during the course of military naval operations.


After a four-year break, multinational Exercise Amber Hope 2011 is taking place simultaneously in both the Pabradės Training Area and the Baltic coast. The Exercise involves more than 2,000 military and civilians from 9 countries - Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and U.S.A, and two Partnership for Peace partner countries – Finland and Georgia.


Lithuania is represented by all components of the Lithuanian Armed Forces - land, air, navy and special operations forces, members of the Public Security Council and the Lithuanian Red Cross Society.


The Land component of Amber Hope 2011 consists of two international battalions, the naval component is comprised of six vessels, while the air component encompasses two L-39 “Albatros” jet trainer aircraft, and two MI-8 helicopters.


The Land component will train at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Pabradės Training Area, the naval component in the Baltic Sea, air component in the Pabradės and Kairių military areas, and over the Baltic Sea, and the special operations forces component will drill their skills in both the Pabradės Training Area and on the Baltic coast.


The goal of Exercise Amber Hope 2011 is to enhance cooperation among the military divisions of the Partnership for Peace and NATO countries while training to take part in joint crisis response operations, and strengthen military cooperation between NATO and partners of the Alliance.


Amber Hope 2011 will also improve and evaluate readiness of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to deliver Host Nation Support to incoming forces.


For additional information, contact Capt (N) Antanas Brencius, Representative of the Lithuanian Naval Force for CIMIC Affairs, at: tel. 00370 46 391 207, cell phone 00370 698 18 196.


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