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Adjutant General of the Pennsylvania National Guard will pay a visit to Lithuania


Lithuanian Minister of National Defence, Rasa Juknevičienė, will meet with the Adjutant General of the Pennsylvania National Guard, Maj Gen Wesley E. Craig, and his delegation on Monday, June 20.


The officials are expected to address Lithuanian National Defence Policy priorities, joint training events, operations in Afghanistan, energy and cyber security issues, and joint future projects.


Maj Gen W. Craig will also meet with the Chief of the Joint Headquarters, Brig Gen Algis Vaičeliūnas, Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force, Maj Gen Jonas Vytautas Žukas, and acting Commander of the National Defence Volunteer Force, Lt Col Vaidotas Malilionis.


The Adjutant General and his delegation will also meet with the Chief of Defence, Maj Gen Arvydas Pocius, Minister of the Interior Raimundas Palaitis, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Audronis Ažubalis, Vice Speaker of the Seimas Česlovas Stankevičius and other authorities on June 21, and will participate in the Visitors and Media Day for multinational Exercise Amber Hope 2011.


The Lithuanian Armed Forces and Pennsylvania National Guard have been working together on a joint sponsorship cooperation program since 1993. The Pennsylvania National Guard arranges courses and seminars for representatives from the Lithuanian Armed Forces, provides instructors and observers to training events held in Lithuania, such as Exercise Amber Hope 2011. Lithuanian troops are also sent to training events to improve their skills as instructors for training courses and other similar events held in Pennsylvania.


The relationship between Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Pennsylvania National Guard developed in Afghanistan on issues such as logistics cooperation, water purification, NCO training, and regulations regarding legal status of volunteers and other similar matters.


The Pennsylvania National Guard is similar to the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force. Both institutions deal with similar issues such as recruitment of personnel, volunteer agreements, service commitments and civilian employers, and ensuring legal, financial and social securities for military employees and their employers.


A biography of Maj Gen W. Craig may be found at: http://www.ng.mil/ngbgomo/library/bio/1198.htm

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