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PRT-9 engineers destroyed over 30 standard explosive devices



Engineers of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-9) destroyed 34 explosives found by Ghowr demining specialists in the territory of Chaghcharan Airport in the period of July 20-27. PRT-9 engineers lend assistance in destroying explosives because provincial specialists lack facilities to safely conduct destruction.

Territory of Chaghcharan Airport is being swept for explosives before the planned reconstruction within a short while.


„Artillery shells, undetonated cluster aerobombs, mortar mines and rounds we find evidence there had been battles in the territory of present airfield ", commented head of Ghowr demining specialists' team Fazal Rabbi who has 19 years of experience in demining works throughout Afghanistan.


Demining team of Ghowr specialists call in soldiers of PRT-9 Standard Explosive Neutralisation Division to destroy explosives found. „Our latest record is neutralisation of 24 explosives -artillery shells - at a time that where brought in from a single location by local deminers last week. Crop of the whole week was 34 explosives", said head of PRT-9 engineering division Capt. Ričardas Margelis.


Self-propelled Howitzer Battery was deployed in Chaghcharan when Soviet Motorised Riflemen Division was imposed in Ghowr and the neighbouring Herat province in December 1979. The battery was armed with 122 mm self-propelled howitzers. Rounds of those arms are usual findings in the airfield territory.

PIO for PRT-9 Capt. Marius Varna.

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