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Minister of National Defence met with Defence Minister of Georgia on her way from Afghanistan back to Lithuania


March 30, Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Rasa Jukneviciene while traveling back to Lithuania from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met the Minister of Defence of Georgia Davit Sikharulidze in the International Airport of Tbilisi.

The Ministers talked over perspectives of participation of both countries in international operations and georgia's intentions to increase its military contribution in Afghanistan (one Georgian military medic is currently deployed with the Lithuania-led Chaghcharan PRT-8).

In the NATO Defence Ministers meeting hel in Krakow in March 2009 representatives of Georgia announced about the plans to send a company-sized military unit to Afghanistan.

Regarding the upcoming NATO Heads of State meeting and Georgia's prospects of acquiring NATO membership Lithuanian Minister reassured her Georgian counterpart that Lithuania will provide consistent support for Georgia's policy oriented at a full-fledged NATO membership.

In the short meeting Lithuanian and Georgian Ministers of Defence also touched upon points of bilateral cooperation and Minister Sikharulidze’s visit in Lithuania planned for May.

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