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Minister of National Defence reviewed report on financial-economic activities developed by Lithuania in Afghanistan


Minister of National Defence reviewed report on financial-economic activities developed by Lithuania in Afghanistan

On February 26 Minister of National Defence Rasa Jukneviciene reviewed the report prepared by the Joint Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces covering financial-economic activities developed by the units of Lithuanian Armed Forces in Afghanistan in the period of 2006-2008.

Audit account the Internal Audit Department had executed on the logistic activity of Chaghcharan PRT and conclusions of the official investigation processed by a commission assembled by the Chief of Joint Staff were presented to the leadership of MoND and the Armed Forces. Leading officials of national defence also reviewed a measure plan of removing flaws detected in supply processes of Lithuanian capabilities deployed in Afghanistan.

Official investigation and audit of the PRT financing and logistics were conducted by the order of the Minister of National Defence and Chief of Defence Staff to assess interior control system and to check if financing allocated for material provision of PRT is distributed efficiently, cost-effectively and legally. The investigation revealed many drawbacks in procedures of logistics and financial operations. Interior Audit Department of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in their conclusions provided a comprehensive plan for removing the drawbacks.

Having reviewed the conclusions, Minister of National Defence assigned to the Lithuanian Chief of Defence Staff and General Inspection to make a complete investigation and assessment of the findings of the primary investigation, and to fulfil the provided plan of measures to assure that budget money for international missions would be used responsibly and efficiently for the intended purpose.

”Each penny of tax payers must be accounted for. There is a systemic problem in Lithuania – an officer is not responsible personally for relevant completion of certain functions. This flaw must be eliminated” - said R. Juknevicienė.

This week Minister of National Defence directed to the Chief Official Ethics Commission to study the results of official investigation conducted by the General Inspection of MoND on presumptive violation of the Law of Adjustment of Private and Public Interest in Public Service. The investigation was made into the work of former commanders of the LAF Logistics Command Col. Virginijus Mazuika and Col. Giedrius Vasiliauskas General Inspection identified offences against the aforementioned law in both cases; results of the investigation were sent to the Chief Official Ethics Commission for further evaluation and research as neither of the prosecuted are in service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces anymore.

Danguolė Bickauskiene, PR for the Minister of National Defence, cell phone 8 686 06 265.

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