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Chief of Joint Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces visited headquarters of Joint Operational Staffs of Italy and Spain


February 2-6, Brig. Gen. Algis Vaiceliunas, Chief of Joint Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces, and delegation of Joint Staff and Department of International Relations and Operations of MoND visited Joint Operational Staffs of Italian and German Armed Forces.

Lithuanian representatives met with leading authorities of Joint Operational Staffs of Germany and Italy, and were introduced of tasks, functions, structures and management of international operations performed by the Staffs.

The meeting representatives discussed and exchanged experience of planning and completing international operations. The most of attention was paid to Afghanistan issues and NATO ISAF operation Afghanistan, the countries' experience in establishing ANA units in West Afghanistan and development of infrastructure reconstruction projects. Points of action coordination in the responsibility area of ISAF Regional Command West and security ensurment in the region before the upcoming presidential elections in Afghanistan were touched upon.

”We had a valuable chance of a closer view of our allies' operational planning, completion and maintenance peculiarities, we could learn from their experience and jointly discussed running issues of international operations. Enhanced communication will help collaborate more efficiently and jointly fulfil ISAF operations in West Afghanistan,"  said Brig. Gen. A.Vaiceliunas.

Lithuania, Spain and Italy are engaged in ISAF operations in Afghanistan and lead provincial reconstruction teams in neighbouring provinces of Ghowr, Badghis, and Herat. All the teams are subordinate to the Regional Command West traditionally commanded by an Italian general and with a Spanish officer as Chief of Staff.

Joint Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces was established on 23 April 2008. Task of the Joint Staff is to ensure efficient operational command of subordinate operational capabilities of Lithuanian Armed Forces and effective conduct of military operations. Responsibility for Lithuania's international military engagements, including Chaghcharan PRT, was transferred on the Joint Staff on 1 September 2008.


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