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High representatives of NATO Command visit Ghowr PRT


Senior Civilian Representative of NATO to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ambassador Fernando Gentilini and ISAF's Senior Officer for stability operations in Afghanistan Rear Adm. Matthieu Borsboom visited Chaghcharan PRT-8 on November 28.


During the visit high guests visited Civil Servants Training Centre, and constructions site of provincial procurator’s office that had been begun this spring. The mentioned projects are financed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in support of efforts of Afghan Government to pursue administrative and legal reform in the country. The projects are implemented in cooperation with the US Agency for International Development, the European Commission, and the UN Office on Narcotics and Crime. Drugs and


Ambassador F. Gentilini represented a positive evaluation of efforts made by Lithuanian officers and diplomats to ensure development cooperation and security. Talks with the PRT military authorities and diplomats of the Lithuanian Special Mission focussed on social, security, and economic problems of Ghowr province and possible plans of support were considered.


The guests met with the new Ghowr Governor Sayed Mohammad Iqbal Munib who assumed the position in November. The officer introduced NATO representatives to the current issues in the province and expressed his delight in fluent communication with ISAF force deployed in the province, i.e. PRT-8.


Talks during the visit also addressed issues of humanitarian aid as Ghowr is one of the poorest provinces of Afghanistan. Ghowr Governor invited the guests to consider the fact that about one third of Ghowr residents under poverty line may experience food shortage before the upcoming winter. ”Poor road infrastructure isolates tribes settled in valleys for months, therefore only the help sent by international community can make any change," said Governor of Ghowr. In their turn NATO representatives considered the options of providing assistance to the province and informed administration of Ghowr on the initiatives underway.


Representatives of NATO Command expressed their solidarity with concerns of Ghowr administration and underlined the worth of efforts made by Lithuanian peacekeepers.


To close the visit the guests met for a talk with members of PRT-8 and saw around their living quarters and service conditions.


PIO for PRT-8 Lt. Karolis Zikaras

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