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90th anniversary of Lithuanian Armed Forces marked in Afghanistan


 Members of Ghowr PRT-8 celebrated 90th anniversary of re-established Lithuanian Armed Forces on November 22.

The event was marked by conducting a solemn formation at the PRT camp. Commander of PRT-8 Col. Vytautas Reklaitis congratulated Lithuanian peacekeepers on the occasion. ”90 years ago we re-established armed forces of Lithuania. The newly reborn state of Lithuania was challenged with invasive intents of some of its neighbours. If it were not for the volunteers of those days, we might not have Lithuania today, we might not even have our nation”, addressed Commander PRT-8 the troops.

During the solemn formation members of PRT were awarded with certificates of appreciation and citations, party buffet at the camp club with post-war partisan songs and introduction to Lithuanian military history followed.

Commander of PRT-8 also awarded winners of basketball tourneys for penalties and three-pointers scoring that were organised to mark the anniversary.

PIO for PRT-8 Lt. Karolis Zikaras

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