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17th Arturas Sakalauskas' death anniversary marked in Alytus and Vilnius


August 21 is the 17th anniversary of the death of volunteer serviceman Arturas Sakalauskas as he was shot defending the Supreme Council-Reconstituent Seimas. The date will be marked in Alytus and Vilnius on August 20-21 respectively.


Commemorative events will begin on August 20 in Alytus: relatives and comrades of A. Sakalauskas, leadership of the National Defence Volunteer Force, commanding officers of subdivisions deployed in Alytus, and members of public organisations and the Armed Forces will attend St. Mass at St. Angels Church celebrated in memory of A.Sakalauskas. Afterwards, commemoration will proceed at the grave of A. Sakalauskas in the yard of St. Angels Church.


On August 21 St. Mass will be celebrated at St. Ignotas Church in Vilnius. Afterwards, flowers will be put and cannon-shots fired at the memorial for A.Sakalauskas by the Palace of Seimas. Members of Seimas, representatives of leadership of the Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces, commanders of the National Defence Volunteer Force territorial units, volunteers of the 1991 period and participants of January 1991 events will gather to honour the memory of A.Sakalauskas.


On August 8-9 the Great Duchess of Lithuania Birute Battalion hosted A.Sakalauskas Football Tournament with teams of National Defence Volunteer Force Territorial Units as participants. The winner team of the Great Battle District 8th Territorial Unit was awarded the challenger cup by A.Sakalauskas' parents Genovaite and Pranas Sakalauskai.



A.Sakalauskas as member of Alytus Territorial Unit of National Defence Volunteer Force was killed on 21 August 1991 during provocation of the Russian Armed Forces by the Palace of the Supreme Council-Reconstituent Seimas. Two more volunteers of Alytus Territorial Unit were injured on duty in an assault of Russian Special Purpose Division on the Lithuanian-guarded territory in Gostautas street.


A. Sakalauskas was born on 26 October 1963 in Alytus, he was employed in Alytus Car Factory before the fatal events. After joining the Voluntary National Defence Service in January of 1991 he was actively involved in the January events, guarded the Palace of the Supreme Council-Reconstituent Seimas, and carried out duty in the posts in Kaunas and Sitkunai. On August 19 he arrived in Vilnius and stood guard for the Parliament for the last time.


Volunteer Arturas Sakalauskas was awarded posthumously the 1st degree Order of Vytis Cross, Commemorative Medal of 13 January, and Medal of the Founding Volunteer.

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