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Troops of Iron Wolf Brigade completed first test of Stinger Weapon System in Denmark



Troops of Air Defence Battery of the Motorised Infantry Brigade (MIB) Iron Wolf took part in combat firing exercise in Denmark on June 11-20. For the first time they trained firing at airborne targets from air defence missile system Stinger.


Firing exercise in Denmark's Armed Forces Base in Gniben was observed by commander of MIB Iron Wolf Col. Darius Uzkuraitis.


Lithuania's project of purchasing air defence missile system Stinger was started after Lithuanian and the US Governments signing contract on procurement of the system in November 2002. The contract entailed equipping Standing Air Defence Battery of MIB Iron Wolf with Stinger systems within the period of three years.


Stinger launchers, radars and tactical control centres were delivered to Lithuanian Armed Forces in the middle of 2007. Lithuanian-US contract also covered personnel training, installation of equipment and logistic support.


Air defence systems Stinger were developed to protect battle areas and high-value objects from air attacks, to counter helicopters, transport aircrafts and fighters at low altitude.


Stinger is short-range ”fire-and-forget" type of missile capable of hitting airborne target in an up to 5 km distance at the height of up to 3 km.


Stinger systems of improved modification purchased by Lithuania have upgraded processors with larger memory. Missile systems are integrated on Hammer vehicles.

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