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February 16 – time of contingent rotation in Afghanistan


On February 16 PRT-6 soldiers celebrated the 90th anniversary of Restoration of the State of Lithuania. On the same day rotation ceremony of Lithuanian and Danish military medics was held in the camp and donation of medication, gas heaters, and electricity generators was delivered for Chaghcharan hospital.

PRT-6 Commander Col. Albertas Kondrotas awarded distinguished Lithuanian and Danish soldiers with Lithuanian Armed Forces Medals of Merit, NATO ISAF Medals and King Mindaugas Motorised Infantry Battalion Medals of Remembrance.

”I am very glad that change of rotation coincided with the Lithuanian 90th Statehood Restoration anniversary. It gave us a great opportunity to express gratitude for leaving Lithuanian and Danish soldiers - they are true professionals and completed their mission perfectly. I wish them great success in their further service," said Col A. Kondrotas for the soldiers.

Fifth rotation of Danish soldiers finished the half-year mission that began in November last year in with PRT-5. Just like the leaving rotation, the 6th rotation of the Danish soldiers is formed of staff officers and one mobile liaison and observation team.

”It was an honour for me to fulfil service in Ghowr together with Lithuanians. I was once again convinced that despite being still young Lithuanian Armed Forces are very professional and disciplined," said commander of the leaving Danish rotation.

Soldiers of the Lithuanian Medic Contingent also finished their three-month rotation in Afghanistan on February 16. The new team of medics took over jobs planned by their leaving colleagues: they will proceed with medical patrolling, medical consultations for ISAF soldiers and local people, consultations for local medical centres and training of Afghan medical personnel.

According to Lt. Col. Marijus Salkevicius, Commander of the leaving rotation, during the three months of intense service medics settled in the new hospital assembled from containers, conducted medical patrolling, provided consultations for over 750 patients, and taught local doctors. ”Although we leave knowing that we will be welcome at home, all of us also leave a part of ourselves here – in harsh but beautiful Ghowr, among new friends and colleagues in the camp and Chaghcharan hospital," said Lt. Col. M. Salkevicius.

After the ceremony PRT-6 Commander visited the ten-year old Afghan boy recovering at Chaghcharan hospital after surgery made two weeks ago. Lithuanian medics still take care of him and support not only by medical consultations and medicaments but also by food for the boy's family. Soon the boy will be released to continue treatment at home.

PIO for PRT-6 Capt. Tomas Balkus

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